5 Songs to Rekindle Your Romance

Aug 2nd, 2011 | Author: | Category: Fly Lyrics
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Word on the street is that she’s mad at you again. At this point, you probably have a better chance at degreasing Jermaine Jackson, than you do at gaining her forgiveness. So let’s try a different approach. This time around, try using music as a tool to ease your way back into her good graces. Here are five songs that may do the trick.

John Mayer- Come Back To Bed
I love John’s approach. Get them back in the bed first…then work it out. That’s my kind of strategy.

Jodeci- Stay
Nothing says I’m sorry like begging … and who does it better than Jodeci? No one. Ohhhh yeaaaaaaah!!!!

Jay-Z Song Cry
“I was just f*cking those girls, I was gonna get right back.” Now that’s sincerity in its purest form.

Earth, Wind, & Fire- Reasons

95% of all women are left defenseless when a man sings in falsetto. It’s a fact…

All 4 One- I Swear
If the sappy lyrics don’t get her back, maybe she’ll laugh so hard that she’ll forget why she was even mad to begin with.

**Now it’s your turn. In your opinion, what songs are tailor-made for reconciliation.

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