The World's Best Divorce Letter

Mar 24th, 2010 | Author: | Category: Fly Foolishness
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I’m not a fan of divorce—and I probably never will be. But I have to admit that I found a small bit of joy after reading the following divorce letter. This guy has seemingly mastered the art of subtly pouring salt on his wife’s still fresh wounds. So I have to ask you: am I wrong for finding this hilarious? Check it out, and let me know.

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  • amia550

    FG!!!!!!!!!!!!………….. where the heck did you find this???? OMG!!!! I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING!!!!!!!!!THANKS!

  • Marie

    LMAO!!!!! This is crazy….idk where u found this but damn…

  • qwerty

    Fly Guy I love your quirky sense of humor – this was so funny!!

  • Carol

    wow…ignorance is bliss

  • BellaBecca

    I am at a loss…he REALLY didn’t want her. LOL

  • Kiera

    Cinnamon ring?!…Throat yogurt?! ROTFL!!! Stop it!

  • Denisha

    LOL! I lost it at “a half a pint of throat yogurt”. This fool just wanna find the remote….he dnt care about his wife.

  • Eva

    Omg was he serious…more importantly i really hope she didn’t get back with him

  • Nesha

    WOOOOOOOOW! I really don’t know what to say. The story about the mirror is kinda sad…interesting…but sad. I guess we as women can get caught up on little things. Or hey, maybe it’s just me.

  • aStarrcalledJ

    This was hilarious… but on the serious side of things when you’ve been with someone andyou split if your not over them you start to see them in other people or say “connie never did this”. but lets not forget this is a divorce letter.

  • Shay

    lmfao That was hilarious!!!!!!! I wonder if Connie ever got this letter lol