Can Men Be Hoes?

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So last night I participated in an event called Venus vs. Mars here in Atlanta. It was a relationship panel where some of the best and brightest minds in the entertainment industry came together to duke it out in the ultimate battle of the sexes. When the dust cleared, the men had came out on top (hey, was there any doubt that this would be the outcome?)

One of the major points of the evening was brought up by Issac Hayes III, aka Ike Dirty. He contended that it’s impossible for a man to be labeled as a whore—no matter how much a woman may try to throw around that label.

Well this morning, he wrote the argument in a blog that I wanted to share with you. Read. Comment. Share. Oh, and make sure you follow him on Twitter by clicking here.


Written By: Issac Hayes III

Boy! this one is gonna get me in trouble!

In my never ending attempt to defend men as much as we get bashed by ladies and piss you all off at the same time, I couldn’t wait to write this one. “O.K.! I’M RELOADED!” Hee… Hee…

I’ve heard women call men hoes and sluts for years. I’ve had numerous debates about this issue constantly hearing all that senseless blabber by women.

News Flash ladies, MEN CAN’T BE HOES! I know, I know. Pots, Pans, Shoes, Tomatoes being thrown at my head. Boos and hisses from the crowd of angry women reading this right now. I know. But it’s the truth. Sorry ladies. The reason why men can’t be hoes and women can is very simple. When it comes to men, SEX IS AN ACQUISITION. Men acquire sex. WOMEN GIVE SEX AWAY. Women allow sex to happen. Outside the evil tragedy of rape and molestation, every time a woman has ever had sex SHE has allowed it to happen. The ultimate final decision is YOURS, AND YOURS ALONE to have sex. Men could want sex with you all they want, but if you don’t give it the green light it just isn’t goin to happen . You allow the panties to come down past your hips and off your ankles. THAT’S YOU LETTING IT HAPPEN! Men, we’re pretty much always down for sex. But women, you guys pick your sex partners. YOU CHOOSE. So if you choose to give your sex to a bunch of different men, that makes you a HOE. If a man gets a lot of sex given to him, that makes him good at acquiring sex. We’re only allowed to have the sex that is given to us. By no means does this mean a man can’t be promiscuous. Meaning he has no discretion with whom he tries to acquire sex from. So if he’s tryin to holla at every raggedy ass chick that gives their booty away like club flyers then yeah, he’s promiscuous. But that doesn’t make him a hoe, it just makes him have bad taste in women.

Good Looks, Charisma and Money increase the number of women that wanna give their sex away to men. WHICH IS USUALLY THE TYPE OF MAN THAT GETS CALLED A HOE. Truth! Attractive, Successful, Regular Dudes with Good Looks and all around Game or of course, Singers, Rappers, Athletes and Actors. Those types of men are gettin’ sex thrown at them all the time so they are usually not with one woman but are with several. Which inspire women that want them too to call them Hoes. Sounds like hatin’ to me. What? I don’t see any ugly, busted, buck-toothed dudes gettin called hoe! See, there’s a word rather than hoe that best describes a man that has lots of sex given to him. Ya know what it is?……

It’s called a “PLAYER”. So the next time you see that cute man that has all the ladies attention and you wanna get at him too. That’s not a Hoe, That’s a Player. He’s out doin’ him. So don’t hate the PLAYER, hate the GAME. Either get on the court or stay on the sidelines. No need to hate, name call and bash him from the stands. He’s a Player. And we all know what Players do…..

Players Play. Swish!


Til next time number 12, Dirty Out! Ha….


So what are you thoughts? Vote below and make your voice heard.

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  • Dat Dude

    On point!!! They need to stop hating the game and close their damn legs if they have a problem with it! Chuuuccchhhh.

  • Teas

    he has valid points however a man that stick it “anywhere” can not be excused from not being called a hoe…how degrading it is to them is a different story….

  • Shidara

    I disagree with the general statement …”So if you choose to give your sex to a bunch of different men, that makes you a HOE.”. What’s a bunch? And what kind of time frame are we talking about? There are many a female out there who can “play the game” as well. But if you are giving up or so called aquiring sex strictly for financial or material gain, then you are a hoe, be it male or female. I’m sure there are more males out there pulling a Marcus & Lady Eloise than are willing to admit.

    Nice post tho ;)

  • Tia

    Very interesting…. U are accurate…. We do give it away…
    Good one Issac Haynes3

  • Reina

    Valid argument but not convincing enough for me to exclude men from the hoe title. Simply because opportunities to acquire sex are steadily placed before one does not negate the gluttony in copiously divulging. Women do hold the upperhand when it comes to sex, but it’s not as if men have no say. Or is it implied that when it comes to sex, men only have the capability of saying no in extreme circumstances?

    You didn’t explicitly define what constitutes a “hoe” in your piece. (Since when is being promiscuous not being a hoe?) Instead, you allowed it to be understood in its biased application toward the fairer sex. I’m not advocating whoredom. It’s just my view that if a woman that gives it away to every Tom, D.ick, and Harry will be viewed as a hoe, that principle must be applied to any man that obtains it from every Tina, Diana, & Harriet. Just because your part invades and my part accepts does not make you any less culpable.

    Unless we’re saying men are just base then I get your point. However, since men are not designed to be base but choose to be, maybe the woman that’s giving it away often has chosen to be base as well.

  • CurlyScorpio

    You need to post this on his twitter cuz you just made our case and silenced his @ss lol.

  • Teas

    @ Reina…well said!! I just have a question that came to me…does this also apply to gay men that chooses to be “bottoms” that sleep with every dude that comes their way or are they just still consider “playas”??? (I know it’s a little out there but it still applies doesn’t it…since according to Issac men cannot be labelled as such…….

  • Fabie

    A man cant be a hoe? Seriously? I dont agree with that at all. How can you exclude men from holding that title when they (some) engage in the acts that qualify them hoe-ish? They dont have to sleep with everyone that offer to open their legs to them. Hoeness is a choice, no matter if you’re a man or a woman.

  • BellaBecca

    I wholeheartedly agree with Reina. The term “hoe” is a diminutive for the word whore. The word whore as defined by Merriam-Webster is an unscrupulous person. Being as such, any individual male or female that does not have any principles can be considered a whore. If a man engages in sexual activity with any female that “throws sex at them,” he is not displaying any since of morals or values. So men can indeed be hoes.

  • Len

    This is the most ignorant, sexist post ever!
    No need for further argument, because Reina’s reply was very adequate and well said.
    Restraint people! Just cause its put in your mouth, doesnt mean you have to swallow…you have the option to spit it out…lol. Seriously, this notion of men being the “conquerors” and women being the “victims”, is so old and tired!

  • Chelly

    EHHHH!!! WRONG!!! MEN CAN BE HOES! Both sexes can be the same damn thing. It just seems to “sound” more geared towards women than men. Society is so used to calling women these degrading names and having the title of “player” fitting towards men. In any case, women can be the ones acquiring sex. He made it seem like men would just eff anything and they don’t choose either. OH please, I can’t believe he sat there and wrote that blog thinking men can’t be hoes. Smhh. Whatever, his blog was stupid because both sexes perform the same things and their titles are vice versa. So he needs to stop trying to up men when they do just as much as women do. Pull their crusty drawers down their ankles and give it up…Please..

  • Dazzle

    I’m totally with Reina on this one…

    This post is totally sexist!

  • Mia

    Player? Please!

    I call bullshyt.

    A man unzipping his pants and dropping his boxers/briefs/ boxer-briefs isn’t ALLOWING sex to happen? She ain’t gettin’ it in by herself. Men have no say about where they stick their members? Yeah aight. It’s true (and extremely unfortunate) that society at large has been overall accepting of promiscuous men. So much so that men have given themselves permission to be hoes (yep HOES) in the name of masculinity. However, as Reina so eloquently stated, that does not absolve their culpability when demonstrating hoe-like behavior. Just as women make the choice to spread their legs, men make the choice to dive in.

  • Mike

    I can acknowledge the author’s attempt at explaining who in the give-take relationship is the hoe, but there are exceptions that were missed. In our society there is a distinction between how player or stud, and whore or hoe are used. Some here equate them as being the same, even though the words bring different sterotypes to the imagination. The distiction between them is that one is the seducer and the other is the seduced. It seems like the term player is defined as someone who repeatedly advances to engage in sex and hoe is the person who complies to multiple advances from several individuals.

    So the author has probably assumed the traditional relationship where the man is the chaser and the woman is the target. From this logic it seems promiscious men are just players, but that is only a sterotype, and it is possible for those roles to be reversed. A popular example are cougars. So when the man is the willing prey of offering women he can too become the hoe.

    Also to elaborate on the author’s points about the acquistion-give relationship is the perception that the man or seducer is over-coming a challenge while the seduced is just giving in to their advances. I think that is one reason why the stud is seen more positively to some groups(eg. certain men) than a hoe. But that idea also relates to the dominant group putting inferior labels on the perceived lesser.

  • Carisa

    Promiscuous or a hoe male, female it is all the same when it comes down to it.

  • NaturalLy Jay

    @Bella…..that was right on point ! i hope mR. Haynes3 ready up on the comments.

  • Dash

    Spoken like a true hoe. This post’s only valid point was how it is ultimately a woman’s decision to allow sex to happen. Very true. The woman would be classified as a hoe if she decides to give it up to anything with a penis. But what about the man sticking it in anything with a hole? This promiscuous habit indicates you have no standards and no self-respect. A man is not exempt from that. This is the amoral mentality that allows uneducated men to think they can get away with this kind of behacior scot-free. You don’t like the word hoe? Ok then let’s use scumbag. You think any woman with standards would want a dirty bird that has sex with any and every woman that offers? I think not. This weak argument that “men think about sex all the time” is tired. And so is this rationalization of being a scumbag.

  • LadyMack

    I agree with the following statement “a man can stick it anywhere can not be excused from not being called a hoe”

    To add to that. I think it’s stupid to label women or men. We’re all adults, we all have sex, what’s the fucking big deal? Why do we need to label anything or make it negative. There is nothing wrong with sex, both parties are consenting to it, and therefore both parties are letting that pleasure happen. It’s okay. Be adults. Have sex. As long as you are loving and respecting your sexy ass bodies by using a condom, why are we all hung up on labeling or justifying it? Men and women alike are players and hoes. No gender is above the other. If you’re gonna fuck, then fuck and stop debating. Just do it!
    “Hoe” as directed at women has a negative connotation. That when women do it, its wrong. That’s stupid. If it’s two people knocking boots and they both want it, they’re just grown folks enjoying the natural act of sex. Big fucking deal. And the only time I have experienced a man calling a woman a hoe was all out of anger because that woman didn’t want him. He got rejected by that one woman. Move on.

    Can everybody just enjoy sex without making one gender better than the other or more allowed to enjoy sex freely than the other. Let’s all just grow up. Stop punishing the act of sex or making it negative. Enjoy.

  • YoungBrothas

    Guys can definitely be hoes. Some of us are the epitome of the word lol

  • Tanj

    Hell yeah, men can be hoes.

  • Cronos

    im surprised that we consider sex or the act of it being morally wrong or the person who gets it easy having no values. like being a whore(when applied to women) was just a way for men and also women to put other women down to control and manipulate them (to mess with the competition sexually)

  • Bane

    I think that what the argument proves is that men are essentially all ‘hoes’ which tends to render the term meaningless whereas only a certain subset of women are ‘hoes’ which allows for a distinction (for good or ill) between them and women who are not ‘hoes’.

    In other words, both men and women have to be willing for sex to happen (outside of being forced). In fact, this is even more true for men – a woman can get bored and start to watch TV while still technically having sex. Unless you’re 17 or using medication a guy who loses focus and decides to watch TV generally won’t be successful at continuing to have sex, even technically.

    So if both have to choose to have sex then the only real difference (based on the author’s arguments) is that men will basically ALWAYS choose it whereas women will actually exercise some judgement. Which means there is basically non such thing as a non-hoe man so the term is functionally meaningless. The only difference between men is how successful or unsuccessful different men are at achieving their hoeness.

  • Laidé

    All men are hoes. That’s why it was never up for discussion. Men offer their bodies like Dunkin Donuts offers free samples of sugar packets. I can get those anywhere just like I can get sex from a man anywhere, which unfortunately makes you guys insignificant and worth absolutely nothing…like those sugar packets. I would be honored to meet a man who actually values his body and have sex with everything with a hole.

  • Laidé

    and not have sx with everything with a hole***

  • RareBreedChick

    NewsFlash wake up from lala land: Society has the world screwed up with man made up tales talking about double standards of being a hoe… God didn’t say that manmade made up that. In God eyes anyone who committs such sexual acts before marriage or outside of marriage is consider a hoe and decieve by him. In God eyes 2 people makes 1. It takes 2 people to have sex not 1. If God intened for a man to have more than one woman he would have created more than one woman for Adam but he didn’t. God created 1 Adam and 1 Eve for a purpose. Men ment to be head women ment to be the neck and with out that neck men you would not be able to move that head. God said Thall shall not committ adultery or fornication (Sex before marriage).

  • DaniWinfrey

    Men have no self respect or self value for themselves (not all though)…. and it do be men who  offer it to women or ask for it so this article is some bullshit….. if anybody (men and women) givin it up to diff people,  U…..A….HOE!!!! It dnt matter if its givin or offered, YOU ARE STILL DOIN IT!!!!! show some respect for yourself

  • Kathrine Goodrum

    You guys should check out , it’s pretty dope.

  • Teskomanir

    Stupid…… Read the bible…. If your soil is tied through sex with any one besides the 1 person god chose for u …. U r shamed n exiled… whether ur a male or female.. In the eyes of god u hav lost part of ur soul and part of ur worth… In other words ur a hoe, which means worthless dummi…. U would hav been stoned n exiled in gods rule …. N there r male prostitutes …. They r called how for Giving themselves for sex for money. Dum people like u… Every one gives themselves to some one when they perform intercourse… Read the Bible dumi.. This is also called discrimination and a very sexist remark that gives males bad names… N I don’t like when other males make me(a male) look bad. Feminists and masculinization and sexists like but stupid n keep stupid stereotypes alive with beliefs like this one that contradict the true nature of things…. Hoe ass nigga…. I hoped u learned something from this

  • Fuckyou

    I’m a man myself and what I read just now is just fucking stupid.