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Jul 14th, 2009 | Author: | Category: Fly Talk
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I had a conversation yesterday that really got me thinking about my ability to love a woman completely. But instead of writing down the words, I wanted to share my thoughts with you directly. So check out this Fly podcast, and give me your thoughts after listening.

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Fly Question of the Day: Have some women become satisfied with receiving only 50% of a man’s effort when it comes to loving her?

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  • Mapping the City

    A lot of women are desperate for male attention. Hence, they take scraps instead of waiting for the real thing!

  • rarejewel

    Fly guy, I would have to say that 50% of women have become satisfied and have settled for the 50% of a man’s effort. Living here in ATL half of women now days take what they can get. But i consider myself falling into the other 50% category, where I except the total 100%. Every day i find and make ways to improve my life and to better myself so I and bring to the table a 100% woman. so why shouldn’t he. That consists of showing me that he loves me 100% too.

  • Nubileras

    WOW that was deep and enlightening. Just a few of my own thoughts before I answer the question at hand.

    As a woman, I prefer a guy who can actually protray what he professes and not just speak words.
    Words without actions are meaningless and falls on deaf ears.

    So thank you for your thoughts and I wish guys out there and likewise women will really listen and reflect on what you are expressing.

    I do believe some woman have learnt to settle and compromise their own standards of receiving 100% for 50% of a mans efforts, which to be honest is sad.

    I think this may stem from may be a womans insecurity to stand for what she wants or even being a bit to comfortable in relationship to realise she is not being fully satisfied and appreciated.

    We have all been victims of this and in one way or the other have promised ourselves never again. Hopefully now that this topic has been addressed we the minority can focus on its depths and encourage other woman to realise the seriousness of not settling for 50% when we truly should receieve a 100%.

    Its not hard.

  • KayC, The Quiet Storm

    I think a lot of people (men and women) settle for 50% or even less. If I was a gambling woman I would place my bet on the fact most people act of fear. The fear of being alone allows people (men and women) to be treated poorly because the person is attractive, successful, accomplished, etc.

    It takes a LOT to really not settle for less and often times we do it without really realizing we are settling. But this is a double edged sword…you can not expect more than 50% if you are not giving the same. Once again fear does not allow most people to give more than 50%. Most people hold back because no one wants to get hurt or look like the ‘fool’ in the relationship.

    Just my 2 cents…Peace & Blessings.

  • areyouagoodcatch

    It’s very difficult to give more than 50%, especially if there are trust issues. And as must as you might want to, sometimes you just aren’t going to be able to give 100%. We all go periods of growth and change in our lives, and when you plan on being with someone a life time, you have to realize that you will both go thru changes. If you are really serious about backing up want you say with action, you will eventually reach a point when you’ll have to step outside the box, and that might require you to be a little selfish until you figure out how to be all that you promised, and not loss yourself at the same time. When that time comes, you will need the other person’s understanding and support and sometimes it means, it’s their time to give you more than 100%.

    Fly guy, thanks for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts.

  • qwerty

    Thank you so much for the male perception. You give a lot and I hope you receive as much.

  • Third_of_August

    @ Mapping The City

    And instead of at least hearing the attention that some of the good brothas would give them, they ignore it in lieu of chasing the lesser quality men.

    Personally, I find it difficult to ‘completely love a woman’ when I can barely find a woman that is mutually interested in decent, upstanding men like myself. When is it gonna be OUR time to shine?

  • OrgasmicMind

    I must admit that I’ve been guilty of only partially commiting myself to some past relationships. That percentage of me that is what I’m accustomed to giving and when I’ve given more than that, I end up alone. The feeling of giving 50% and recieving 100% is much better than giving 100% and receiving 50%. Is this fair? Maybe not, but LIFE, LOVE, and the LAW all have victims and victors and every human being is bound to experience both sides of the fence before they learn what they seek in a lifelong partner. So it seems to me that the 100% should be gained over time instead of given automatically. Is your partner earning the 100% your giving them?