How Do You Know If She’s Crazy?

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Directly following the passing of Steve McNair, there were so many relationship questions that needed to be addressed. Wait… let me backtrack and express myself in a way that’s more open and honest. Steve McNair was murdered … period. To make matters worse, he was struck down at the hands of his mistress. The unfortunate decision to cheat on his wife, in conjunction with a woman who was pushed to the point of mental instability led to his untimely death. It’s sad; it’s unfortunate; it’s a dictionary’s worth of adjectives that all describe the anguish and turmoil both families must be going through.

I can’t even imagine what they’re experiencing right now…

For the most part, I’ve kept quiet on the subject, since it’s my belief that there are so many variables that led to this tragedy (some that we may never know). It wasn’t just him cheating, or her being crazy. Instead it was a host of variables acting in concert…all leading to a violent end of life.

So before I get worked up, and start writing a dissertation on the subject, I wanted to focus on a very specific point. A good friend and one helluva party promoter and businessman, TiwaWorks posed the following question on Facebook as it relates to this tragedy:


Here are some of the answers from people around the country that stuck out to me.

Latoyia Zachery at 7:55pm July 8
When she would agree to be 2nd in the first place;-)…only an unstable person would want to be 2nd…lol

Lisa Paulycarpe at 7:59pm July 8
When she thinks u will leave #1 for her!!

Jelani Bass at 8:01pm July 8

when she starts asking too many questions about the 1st woman

Komplaintosomeoneelse Wright at 8:07pm July 8
when she stalks u, calls u n txts u all the time n doesnt get the hint when u dont pick up

Russell Lawrence Benford at 8:09pm July 8
When she’s born and raised in Atlanta lol

Yomi O Adesanya at 8:35pm July 8

When she ask that dreaded question ” what are we doing” , knowing fully well she’s the second on the depth chart

Jessica Wray Brinkley at 8:54pm July 8
when she starts sittin outside your house!

Trina Collier at 9:43pm July 8

when the bitch look up a reverse phone number and wind up @ your house !!!

Andrea Pierce at 3:07pm July 9
When you look down at your phone and you have 54 missed calls from her!!! LOL


Fly Request: We’re not done with this topic, but I’d still like to get your opinion. Now that you’ve read some of the responses, what’s your take on the question posed above?

**In no way do I endorse anyone having a second man or woman … nor do I endorse people reacting violently to a situation that they put themselves in (like dating someone that’s married.) In due time, I’ll put a nice, neat bow on all of this by articulating my thoughts. I just want to make sure my position on those two points are clear.

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  • ThoneyGSweet

    You know ur side piece is a few short o’ the full meal when she’s becomes too inquisitive. she has to know WHERE you are, WHY u there, HOW LONG ya gone stay, and WHEN you’re plannin on committing to her.

    re: this McNair case, he did WAY TOO MUCH for her too soon, and as a muslim woman that CLEARLY didn’t honor said principles, i’m sure her family ex-communicated her, which led her to cling to this man that seemingly would do everything for her…when he began to withdraw as he’s done so many times before, she wasn’t mentally prepared for it… i mean at 20, getting an NFLer, fly truck and condo=MARRIAGE! yaDIGS? seriously he was trippin for even goin there with such a young girl.

  • Luvleatl

    I have a question for the question asked by Tiwa…..Why would you want to risk it with a 2nd woman anyway?
    I’m going to post this on his FB too.

  • MF

    I just found out not too long ago that my husband was cheating on me. He ended it recently but the chick wasn’t wrapped too tight. She got mad at him for bringing me to work one day. Can you say WTF???

  • The Fly Guy


  • Duck

    side pieces are natural. It can actually help a relationship at times. However, pick your spots and choose your role players wisely, or else your bench player is gonna wanna be the “Kobe” and u know women especially, they get all emotional and eff ur ish up yo…

  • bogart4017

    When they start harrassing your wife–they gotta go,
    When they start throwing their own dishes and breaking up their own stuff–they gotta go.
    When they drunk-dial you at 2am–they gotta go.
    When they slash your tires, follow your kids home from school, call your boss, bother your mother, query your whereabouts from your homeboys—run like the wind fellas.

  • Jess

    I agree with the 1st comment..why on EARTH would anyone agree to be 2nd place (at best)?? And I *side eye* the guy who said being born and raised in Atlanta makes you crazy…and Fly Guy I *side eye* you for posting that LOL… *folds arms* hmph.

  • luvleatl

    Do you really believe cheating can help a relationship? Also please tell me how side pieces are natural?
    Sorry Fly Guy I really don’t want to turn this into a debate. I just dont understand Duck’s statement. I hope he or she comes back and answers this.

  • thoneygnice

    i’m a woman and i aggree. i feel like its necessary for men to cheat whereas women don’t feel comfortable in a similar position. eventually EVERY MAN will tip out in some way. its the level of respect he shows u when hiding it or keeping it to min that’s key.


    If its easy its probably to good to be true. Crazy Woman go along with everything in the beginning she will be everything you want her to be. Dude gonna realize you have to work for something good a good woman is not gonna come easy. Arrogant Dumb Nuggas always get got by crazy woman they have no problem chasing them and gasing up they head these days dude don’t wanna work for a woman because laying out and fvck you up of you try to leave them.
    Tips to avoid crazy woman
    Don’t say chit you don’t mean.
    Don’t Fvck them anyway and no she ain’t wrap to tight thinking you gonna be able to get out later.

  • Third_of_August

    It costs enough to have one woman…I guess Steve really thought he was ballin’ enough to try and support two women simultaneously. LOL

    In any case, I don’t see how Kazemi thought she was entitled to having her bills paid and car notes taken care of and all she was was a girlfriend at best. I’ll be damned if I do any of that for a woman I’m not married to. LOL

    Speaking of….why do people cheat on their partners? Don’t they realize that EVERYONE loses in the end? Especially in this case…now we have four more young Black children without a father figure in the home.

  • mar

    I see that mostly women have responded and it looks like they’ve mentiones things that they’ve done in the past. Looks like it’s alot of crazy ones on here!

  • siriusblaq

    The 1st sign of any fatal attraction ish, it’s time to cut loose. Never EVER bring extra baggage into your home. Keep that ish tight. That’s for men and women.

  • Diiamond

    I don’t condone cheating or side chicks but I do think some blame need to be placed on the male in this situation its not when to know if a lady is crazy but when a man will stop lying to be with someone and his lies lead to his death unfortunately emotions were lead way to deep.

    I don’t think that this relates only to a woman who plays the second best …..

  • Evilpleasure

    When the bitch climbs to your third floor balcony brdaks in your house through the slide door and peeps her head in the room and ask ” are you awake”!!