5 Types Of Men That All Women Hate

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The emails keep pouring in from male readers longing to know the answer to the following universal mystery…

“What do women like?”

And while many of my love advice colleagues will be quick to spit out an extensive list, I’ve remained quiet on the subject.

In my opinion, women have vastly different tastes when it comes to what they like in a man. By contrast, there are several universal men that they all typically dislike. With that understanding in mind, it’s time to reveal the 5 Types of Men That All Women Hate.

1. Mr. “Spineless”

Can you speak up for yourself just once? That’s what I want to say every time I run into Mr. “Spineless.” In many ways, his act plays out like the beginning of Coming to America, since he’s always saying, “Whatever you like.” And while a woman may enjoy this act for a short period of time, she eventually grows tired of her man not having a backbone.

So my advice to Mr. “Spineless” is speak up for yourself. If you don’t like something, say it. She’ll respect you more in the long run.

2. Mr. “Name-Dropper”

“Hey baby, did you know that Jay-Z and I are in the same Sunday School class? Yeah, he’s my prayer partner so I counsel him on Beyonce. I can introduce you if you’d like.”

And on and on it goes.

If only Mr. “Name-Dropper” would realize that real women are rarely impressed by a man who spends the majority of his time name-dropping. He should stop trying to woo her with who he knows, and instead try wowing her with who he is.

3. Mr. “My Friends Come First”

Let me first say that I’m a strong advocate of both men and women maintaining their friendships while in a relationship. But Mr. “My Friends Come First” seems more concerned with hanging out with his boys than keeping his relationship strong.

Here’s something that he obviously doesn’t know: Those same “friends” would leave him in a heartbeat to be with a good woman. That’s why it’s important to take care of your relationship first. You can always catch up with your friends later.

4. Mr. “Change My Diaper”

When she first met Mr. “Change My Diaper,” she thought she’d be his woman—not his mother. But this man is so immature that she often contemplates claiming him as a dependent on her taxes.

Everything about this guy reeks of immaturity: he doesn’t have a decent job, he doesn’t have any real goals, and his idea of “foreplay” is having his three friends come over to play video games. Yeah, that sounds appealing.

5. Mr. “Tell Me Anything”

Mr. “Tell Me Anything” is such a smooth talker. There’s just one problem though. He never follows through with anything that he says … never. In fact, he’d probably make a great AM radio host, since he’s “all talk, all the time.” She’ll soon grow tired of his eloquent speeches and leave him alone. When that happens, he’ll be left with nothing but the hot air from his words to keep him warm at night.

The Fly Conclusion: Are there other types of men that you hate? Or maybe you’ve had a bad experience with one of the aforementioned men and have a story to share. Whatever the case may be, I’d love to hear from you—both men and women. In the end, the purpose of this column is to provide the brotherhood with a guide of character traits to avoid at all cost. I pray that someone’s listening…

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  • Teas

    #6. Mr. “I Can Rock Your World” he talks like he could lay it down on ya and take you to the mountains and back. When dude can’t even take you across the street! You spend time with him, find his convo is pretty interesting, he’s fun to be around…then after some time, you get to the next level. All the time he’s telling you how great it will be, how he’s gonna rock your world, blah blah. You handle your business, then leave you there wondering what have all his exes been telling him…have the poor man walking around thinking he’s God’s Sent. When in fact, when blessing and instructions were given out, he wasn’t even on that line or no where around it!! His skills is at a bare minimum and dude don’t know what he’s doing, ladies stop lying to these men. If they are unsatisfactory, please let them know…don’t having them walking aruond like they could put a hurting (on you) when they can’t even hurt a roach. ‘Cause a chick like me will be the one to have to break the bad news and it’s not gonna be pretty!!!! lol

  • ffdiva001

    Teas YES!!!! I’m with you on that one.LOL!!! ladies stop lying to these men

  • http://www.popculturefix.com Melody

    I have met all 5 of these dudes… Dated some. The pits. Good thing there are a few Mr. Fly Guys left!

  • http://www.flyguychronicles.com The Fly Guy

    Why thank you Ms. Melody ;-)

  • Tara

    I’ve been in Atlanta for six years…Mr. Spineless and Mr. Tell-me-Anything have been my biggest issues! It’s great to see that other men KNOW these types! Pass them on to your male friends, hell hold a meet-up group discussion about it! It’s annoying and sad. Thanks for the (as always) great article!

  • the.real.me

    what about Mr. mama’s boy?

  • xenon

    OMG – “Mr Mamma’s boy!!” – just thinking about it makes me want to pop a vein! Lol…

  • yar

    It’s funny how a cats can get bashed or placed in a categories like this. I’m sure that at some point a man may fall into one of those slots in some period of there life. How about you Fly Guy? Sad that most people can’t take people for who they are and work with that, instead of trying to make them fit into the mold of what they would like for them to be or in most cases above what their perceptions of what they think a man should be. What labels could you come up with for the ladies? How many would self-evaluate themselves? Be critical of themselves? Actually admit to their shortcomings? Don’t get it twisted. Not a over sensitive man here. Just a older, more season guy here to make you think. Real talk. :)

  • http://www.flyguychronicles.com The Fly Guy

    I’m glad you asked the question. And you’re right; we’ve all fallen into one of these categories at one point or another. But articles like this are meant to help self-evaluate, so if the behavior sounds familiar it may be something that can be worked on.

    And I didn’t let the ladies get off the hook. I actually addressed them first.

  • amia

    Fly Guy, please identify this tyupe of man.
    I’ve had NUMEROUS men insist that I was lying when i say that i’m not in a relationship.. Now i do understand that the guys that are trying to get to know me may say that to attempt to get me to reveal my man, but i have had male friends, that could have been potential boyfriends that are adamant in proving that i MUST have SOMEBODY. That mess pisses me off to no end! At first i could understand where they were coming from, but after the initial time I’m like, “give me a break!”

  • yar

    LOL!! I saw that and the ones who half-assed answered it all commented, “Guys should put a Mr. in front of it” comment. That’s the hypocrisy see in women. They never see their own shortcomings but are quick to point out the cracks in another’s armor. To have no expectations of a person leaves less room from judgement.

  • bogart4017

    usually when they’re blowing up their spots they don’t have the power of a wet firecracker. We don’t have to speak about it—we need to be about it.

  • http://facebook.com/PennyTheGameMaster Third_of_August

    @ bogart

    Same goes for women. Instead of TALKING about how they are looking for Mr. Right For Her, they need to actually get with Mr. Right For Her when he presents himself and not Mr. What The Hell Were You Thinking…..LOL

  • http://facebook.com/PennyTheGameMaster Third_of_August

    Sorry….I clicked the wrong ‘reply’ button. I’m a little fired up this late-night….

  • Bahama

    Mr. Clingy

    Mr. Sensitive Thug

    Mr. Big Talk

    Mr. I’m too important (to call/text/email)

    I could go on….

  • cam247

    mr. non -communicator a man that will not or cannot communicate.

  • http://mzvirgo.com/ MzVirgo

    Fly Guy, I can think of a few:

    Mr. “Heart on his sleeve”. I know that there is such thing as a sensitive man, but my god!

    Mr. “The World owes me….” I can’t stand when they feel like the world owes him something because he feels like he is carrying the world on his shoulders. It also makes him look like a victim and I do not like for people to play victims.

    Mr. Cheap. (I can’t believe you haven’t wrote that one). No need to explain.

    Mr. Insecure. Quick story, we went on a first date and he took me to a lounge. I went to the bathroom and came out and a few guys were trying to talk to me, but I ignored them and went back to my date. The next day, he sent a text saying that he saw these guys hollering at me, but claimed that I “held my own”. To me, it sounded like a sign of insecurity or a jealous guy.

    Mr. Low Self Esteem.
    Mr. Arrogant
    Mr. “I’m the Man”

    I could go on and on, but great post!

  • Cancergirl

    Mr. Passive-Aggressive–I hate when guys pretend they aren’t angry about something but lash out at you at another time that’s really related to the incident that made them angry! Or guys who get their homegirls to hook them up with their friend, even though the dude was in the same space with the girl and had an opportunity to say something himself!!!

  • http://undressingher.com undressingHER

    wow, for the first time ever, I’m none of the things on a lists of what women don’t like. I’m actually proud.

  • married2 me

    Mr. I own u, or Mr. U belong 2 me. Mr. I got it all, don’t need a women! Whooo shall I go on?

  • http://facebook.com/PennyTheGameMaster Third_of_August

    Where do y’all meet these idiots?

    Better yet….why did y’all mess with them to the point where you all are this pissed off at them?

    *scratching my head*

  • jgvisions

    Wow, like you just mentioned every character flaw a man could ever have. finding a guy without any of those flaws(which is pretty much impossible) would be like trying to find a needle in a hay-stack. i mean really could any of you beany less realistic. a man will be bound to have anyone of those problems that you guys have listed. mind you all you have to do is look nice, smell nice, nod your head and shut up. we have to look and smell nice, approach you, carry( not just be able to hold)a conversation, have game(which is separate from conversating),and have this amazing and adventuroues life. plus we have to come prepackaged with a job, our own place, and a car. what do you guys have to do? LOOK AND SMELL NICE, NOD YOUR HEAD AND SHUT UP. thats its, thats all. we as men have to put up with your mood swings, pms(which affects your mood swings), your Dillusional attempt to make reality into your own fantasy world, and base-line psychotic illogical behavior, all just get inbetween your legs.
    ive had women slap and pinch me continuoesly on consecutive dates for no fucking reason than to probably piss me off, random strangers ive approach just suddenly curse me out before i get to the second word, groups of women completely ignore when all i wanted was to ask a question. all pass girl-friends just flipped out on me for totally different reasons not of my making(one of which got her brother to attempt to beat the shit out of me)i swear to god american women are bat shit crazy.
    i have a freind who was dating this chick who seem pretty set up. nice job, hooked-up family, her own place, sounds perfect. she was into this christian sect thing that seemed like a cult and they would get into the most stupid of arguments because he was muslim and such. one argument she flat out said some dumb shit like your mother is going to hell(cause she had food poisoning) and she is being punished for him being muslim. like wow. he moves in with her, then she just flippin changes. tells him he cant chill with his friends anymore, makes coming home just feel like hell. finally he gets her pregnant and like that was a road block for him cause he was getting into politics so they decide to get an abortion. with his money he gets the abortion and right after, i mean right after the procedure when they get back to house, she tells him to pack his things and get the hell out. again, WOW!!! i have a millian stories like this one with the group of friends i chill with and my other groups i also chill with and like its always the female. one friend who was dating this girl who in the end was just using him to get her citizen-ship, another friend who was dating this precioues looking fat chick who thought she was all that who tried to actually turn each of us against one another. these guys date alot and its just fucking crazy. like ive actually personally jsut gave up on the matter, packed up and left the dating world or jsut dealing with women in general. its like fighting a damn civil war with your own damn species. again, i honostly feel that women(especially black women and spanish women) are bat shit crazy.

  • Anne

    How about the sensitive type? guys who talk about their feelings too much and can even cry on your shoulder sometimes? had them twice, makes me sick

  • Mr Hanky

    Bless you ;)