10 Things Men Love About You During The Summer

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There’s really no shortage of qualities that I find desirable in a woman. But the good people over at Essence.com wanted to know what men love about women specifically during the summertime. So I gave them 10 Fly Reasons. Here’s what I told them.

1. Your Best Foot Forward
Simply put, pedicures should be a top priority when the summer months roll around. This rings especially true if sandals and other open-toed shoes are a major part of your wardrobe. Now, the chipped paint or that one toe that likes to hide underneath the others may not be a big deal to you. But trust me; it’s something that men pay close attention to. We actually enjoy meeting a woman who takes pride in the appearance of her feet … even if we don’t take care of our own.

2. She’s Got Legs
As men, we often disagree about our favorite female body part. Some like this, while others prefer that. What we can agree on is our mutual appreciation for nice, smooth legs. Listen; we understand that shaving becomes sporadic during the cold winter months. We get that. We just assumed that once the clothes began to shed, then the leg hair would follow. The women that grasp this concept early on are the ones that traditionally pass our summertime final exam with flying colors.

3. Fashionably Flirty
We may not know that much about fashion—at least, not as much as you may. What we do know is that our all-time favorite summer ensemble is a woman wearing a sexy sundress and sandals. Pull that off, and you’re guaranteed to receive a second (or third) look from us. In other words, the way the sundress playfully flows and accentuates your curves, while the sandals show off a fresh pedicure is the stuff that male dreams are made of.

4. She’s Got That Glow
Far more potent than Bruce Leroy’s Last Dragon glow, vibrant skin goes a long way in rendering us helpless. We’re not sure if it’s the cocoa butter, baby oil, or the vitamin E pills that do the trick. Whatever it is, we hope you keep doing it.

5. The Colors Of Love
It’s unfortunate that the winter months produce a predictable assembly line of women marching out nothing but black, brown and gray outfits. But once the temperature begins to rise, it’s the women who unleash an assortment of bright hues that really catch our eye.

6. Fit To Be Queen

As soon as it gets hot outside, some women start shedding clothes and revealing body parts that should probably be kept between them and God (I’m just being honest here.) Now don’t get me wrong; we appreciate the opportunity to sneak an occasional peek … we’d just rather it be on a woman who actually stuck to her New Year’s resolution and worked hard to achieve a hot summer body.

7. Goodbye Curfew
Is it just me, or do women have a curfew when it’s cold outside? It’s almost as if you’d rather stay in and catch that same episode of “Law and Order: SVU” than to stay out and socialize with the eligible bachelors in your city. That all seems to change during the summertime though, as women tend to go out more often and stay out later. We like that a lot.

8. Dare To Be Bold
Men love women that operate from a more adventurous playbook during the summertime. Maybe it’s the residual effects of Angela Bassett getting her groove back in ’98 that causes women to be more open to taking chances. Who knows the catalyst? What we do know is that a woman’s desire to live a freer existence is one of the primary reasons this is our favorite time of year.

9. Cool and Casual
It’s never been just about a woman dressing up and being dainty with us. For men—especially during the summertime—we also enjoy hanging out with a woman who can dress down and be cool, casual and comfortable in any environment. So throw on some shorts, pull back your hair in a ponytail, and show us the other side of you that we rarely get to see.

10. The Barbecue Sidekick
For most men, the grill is sacred. Nothing exudes manhood to a greater degree than him barbecuing for his friends and family. With that being said, every man is looking for a “Barbecue Bonnie & Clyde” arrangement. This simply means that when he’s manning the grill, she’s holding it down by whipping up delicious side dishes like baked beans or potato salad. We always appreciate a woman that has our back—especially when she’s able to do it by pairing a dish with our world-class ribs.

Fly Feedback: So what are your thoughts on my list? Do you agree or disagree?

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  • Tubbs

    Nice feet are a must. Even if you have hammer toes, at least try to take care of them.

    And it’s funny that you mentioned the bbq. I was just telling a female friend that I saw her differently after she held it down at a cookout, lol.

  • Mz. Chief

    This made me laugh. It’s very true though. It’s always good to hear what you men like about us.

  • Missy

    I love this list! With the exception of the bar-b-que thing, I’m with it.

  • J

    This is a good one and so on point. It is also good to know that I’m on point with the things I do to keep me looking good and attractive to the opposite sex.

  • http://www.mamistimeout.com jai

    I liked your list. It’s all about the little things. I do agree that shaving your legs is a MUST in the summer months!

  • run.n4rmluv

    LOL…. didn’t realize the chipped nails mattered.. as long as they weren’t crusty and ragedy : ).. headed back to the nail shop now.. thanks FLY GUY : )

  • Malique

    I totally agree. Even though I’m fully aware of the 10 fly reasons, it’s really good to hear it from a man pt of view.

  • lolawashere

    Yea the list is pretty accurate. Not too sure about the BBQ part though… Guess imma really need to learn how to cook pretty soon… lol

  • http://urbanfrugalchic.com Cynthia

    I like that…good post!

  • bogart4017

    Ladies—you are also quicker with a smile when we see you on the street. I guess because its warmer??